Spring Dress Trends that Flatter Any Plus Size Shape (with www.NewLook.com)

All too often, ‘plus size’ is used as a catch-all term for anyone over a size 14. What the term ‘plus size’ doesn’t account for is that no matter what your dress size, we all come in different shapes. From pears and apples, to tall and petite, one plus size dress style doesn’t fit all. So we’ve taken a look at some of the key spring dress trends that are great for a range of shapes, to help you choose this season’s styles that suit you. Pears – Color Block Crush

When your hips, bums and thighs are larger in proportion to your top half, the trick is to balance your shape by drawing attention upwards. One of the major looks for this season is made to draw attention to any area you want. Color blocking means mixing and matching bold shades, punchy pastels and neon brights to create intriguing color clashes that are as warm as the spring sunshine. Keep the shade dark across your hips, and in-your-face up top and the color block trend will really work for you. This cute color block dress from the New Look plus size clothing range is exactly what we’re talking about, and the cowl neck detail helps to draw the eye upwards too.

Strawberries – Peplum Passion

Peplums are a serious look for spring, and if you don’t believe us, just check out the Vogue report. A truly vintage-inspired look, peplums work great on strawberry shapes, where your shoulders are broad and your bust’s on the larger side, while your hips, thighs and legs are slim. Peplum skirts and dresses will help to balance out those broader shoulders, accentuate your waist and add some va-va-voom in the hip department.

Apples - Punchy Prints

Prints always make a return for spring, thanks to their ability to instantly inject some color. But this season prints have really come to the fore, and top-to-toe OTT print ensembles, especially floral prints, are hot. This is one look that plus size girls definitely pull of better than most. Bold prints can dwarf smaller frames, but bold print plus size clothing not only helps to smooth out and cover lumps and bumps, it accentuates those curves too. Stick to large prints rather than itty bitty detail and your hourglass shape will look hotter than ever.