Sweat Between Your Breasts (aka Boob Sweat!)

*looks around nervously* Okay sooo... this post is for ladies only. Men.. click away!

Remember last year when I spoke about sweat between your breasts? I know, I know... it wasn't the most sexy or demure post, but sometimes I have to keep it real with my Plus Size Princesses.

I think one of the trickiest things about being a PSP is hygiene. Big girls have rolls and folds (or  "nooks and crannies" as I like to call them) and those nooks and crannies make our bodies a breeding ground for friction, perspiration and bacteria. All of this can make it hard for us to stay... fresh.

(*ahem* Men, if you're still reading... click away!)

One of the hottest things is when a guy takes a deep breath and says  "you smell good". As a girl, its nice to hear, but as a Plus Size Princess its almost a badge of honor for me.

My remedy for boob sweat and any odor that came along with it had been deodorant. Not only did I use deodorant in between my boobs, but I do a swipe in any of the folds that give me perspiration trouble in the summer.

After my original "boob sweat" post, a few of you warned me about putting deodorant near "the twins" because deodorant may cause breast cancer. I had never even thought of that (thank you!), so I wanted to find something else to use. As a seasoned PSP, I will try anything to make sure I'm on top of my hygiene including new products.

You all suggested crystal deodorants, so I went and bought some and I LOVE it! I bought the Crystal - Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Pomegranate, 2.25 fl oz roll-on and have been using it in all my "nooks and crannies" and even after the gym I'm fresh as a daisy!

So now I have a new remedy for boob sweat that doesn't put me at risk for breast cancer... WINNING!

I'm always up for trying a new product, so let me know: How do YOU combat boob sweat?