Sheds Light on The Single Life

Singles in America Match This weekend I hung out with and took a look at their Singles in America study with data from Dr. Helen Fisher. There was a lot of interesting information about how single people operate these days. Here are some of the facts that surprised me:

  • 45% of people had a friends with benefits relationship turn into a long-term partnership Dr. Helen Fisher says that "Friends with Benefits" is emerging as the new pre-relationship status. Maybe that's the true definition of  "Its Complicated" on facebook! I'm not a big promoter of the whole FWB situation if you really want more from the person than the physical, but apparently its working for someone!
  • 40% of people have fallen in love with someone they weren't initially attracted to I found this to be fascinating as a Plus Size Princess because it might explain all the guys I've dated who never dated a PSP before. Some men are drawn to big women exclusively, some men would "never date a fat chick"... then there are those men who are attracted to all different types of women, depending on chemistry. We spend so much time as PSPs worrying that our looks take us out of the game, maybe it doesn't matter as much as we think.
  • 42% of men have shared the sext they received from a partner with others think twice before you hit send, there's a good chance his friends will end up seeing your goodies!

What about you guys:

Ever had a friend with benefits turn into a boyfriend?

Ever fallen for someone who wasn't "your type"?

(and if you care to share) Ever had a sext end up in the wrong hands?

For more on the study, watch the video below!