Summer Style: Tops & Jeans #PSPstyle

I'm in dresses 95% of the time, but I do love my jeans and cute tops. When traveling and playing tourist, I always put function before fashion. You will not find me running around an unknown city in uncomfortable shoes and restrictive shapewear, no ma'am! While I was in Chicago I pulled together a relaxed tourist ensemble that worked for walking around the city and staying comfortable in the chilly riverside temperatures. R Jacket1 I'm very picky with my tops. I have along torso, which makes shopping for tops a bit time consuming. For those looking, there's a newly launched collection of Plus Size Tops from that incorporates trendy silhouettes to create fashionable but wearable seperates that work for just about any age and size.

If I'm wearing a top that's cut too short it tends to make me look a little sloppy, so I'm a stickler for tops that hit me in the right places. When I can get the right lengths, my favorite cuts are trapeze and sweetheart. If I love a top but its is too short, sometimes I'll button a cardigan over it or tuck it into a skirt and belt it.

In the photo above, I'm definitely using the jacket to account for a missing inch or two on that trapeze top, but I still felt comfortable which was the most important thing while playing tourist!

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