My Shift from "Get Skinny" to "Get Healthy" | #PSPfit Cycle 3

I'm always looking for new ways to measure healthy curves success... Do you have specific things you do to celebrate healthy curves outside of the scale or what size you wear? One of my favorite things about the #PSPfit Bootcamp community is watching the bootcamp babes define success for themselves. Whether its quitting smoking, cooking more or taking a challenging gym class there are so many curvy girls making positive changes towards our health and in my opinion, that's success.

For me, taking "skinny" out of the equation is changing my definition of success. I've spent half of my life obsessed with a body ideal that I'm pretty sure isn't for me. If I keep focusing on skinny, I'll always feel like a failure, but as I focus on healthy, I feel like I can set attainable goals for myself. Instead of a number on the scale or a pants size, success to me is doing the right things for my body (fitness/food/self care) and loving my body every step of the way.

Changing my focus from "Get Skinny" to "Get Healthy" has made a world of difference as I try to navigate healthy curves, PCOS and my body. Twice a year I share the resources I have available to me (fitness/nutrition coaches) with my readers. You can join the #PSPfit bootcamp here (Use 50% discount code APR201450)

If you'd like to join the #PSPfit girls for our pre-summer bootcamp, here's a little insight into what our schedule is:

Thursdays: The #PSPfit weekly guidebook is released (Recipes, Grocery Lists, Meal Plans & Nutrition Education)

Sundays: #PSPfit Cook-a-Thon in our Private Facebook Group, where we cook together and share photos and tips as we go

Wednesdays: Our #PSPfit group call (if you miss the call, we'll email you a recording for download).

You can join the #PSPfit bootcamp here (Use 50% discount code APR201450)

Here's a video with more deets on #PSPfit Cycle 3:

You can join the #PSPfit bootcamp here (Use 50% discount code APR201450)