All Leather Everything!

How to Wear Plus Leather CollageI always felt like leather was too daring of a fabric and would call attention to my body in the "wrong ways" whatever that means. This season, I got a little daring and ordered two leather items. A Plus Size Leather Dress and Plus Size Leather Leggings... and I'm in love!

I wear this look to work often. Because the dress is cut in a modest A-line it manages to still feel office appropriate and transitions well from day to night. Throwing a cardigan over this dress seemed to obvious, so instead I chose to put a simple denim shirt underneath.

Edited Plus Size Leather Dress CeCe Olisa HDress: Here | Denim Shirt: Here | Shoes: Here | Bag: Here

I pretty much wear leggings and a sweater as much as I can during the winter-- this is just an amped up version of that. This thick cable knit sweater and leather legging combo is perfect for anything from an event to hanging with my girlfriends.

Plus Size Ralph Lauren Leather Leggings CeCe Olisa

Sweater (similar) Here | Leather Leggings Faux Here/Genuine Here | Shoes Here

I like to pair my leather with fabrics that are less striking. Denim and knit fabrics are an easy way to balance out the boldness of leather, while still feeling like I'm taking a little fashion risk. Sprinkling leather pieces into my closet is lots of fun-- here are some other plus size leather items (both real and faux) that I have my eye on (click the images for discounts and pricing). How do you girls feel about wearing leather?