12 Colorful Plus Size Coats!

I said brrrrr its cold out here and this California girl is not ready. This year, I decided that instead of a boring black coat, I wanted something bright to keep me feeling happy, festive and warm. Of course the majority of plus size coats I saw in stores were dark and drab, but I was able to go online and round up 12 cute colorful plus size coats for us (okay, maybe a little more than 12 lol).

I've ordered a camel coat, a grey coat and this adorable green coat that's super warm with deep pockets and a hood. Special shout out to Nicolette Mason, who designed a chic pink coat for Modcloth.

12 Colorful Plus Size Coats

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When it comes to sizing for a coat, my general rule of thumb is to go one size up from my dress size. So, if you're a size 20 in dresses, I'd advise ordering a size 22 coat. This allows for thick sweaters underneath and easy movement in any coat that we order online. So far, doing my sizing that way has been perfect for any brand I choose!

~Click the images below for deets on each coat!~