Waist Trainer Workout ? Let's Do it | Plus Size Workout Video

Summers over and for me this is the best time to get back to working on my fitness goals. Winter is long and terrible, so I might as well hibernate in the gym lol Two people hit me up on my instagram asking my thoughts on waist trainers at the gym.

I've seen celebrities wearing them at the gym on social media and I've read that some people swear by them and some people swear against them.

For me, I do find the back support that comes from a waist trainer helpful and as someone who carries weight in her tummy, I like taking off my waist trainer and seeing a bunch of tummy sweat.

But the thing I remember most is that no one tool is going to replace hard work. So, I made you a plus size workout video with a waist trainer. This is a sequence I've done at the gym, at home and outside in the park near my apartment. Before I show you the video I'm going to walk you through each move so that you know exactly what I'm doing!

For this workout I'm using this resistance band and this waist trainer.

and before I forget, I'm also wearing: this sports bra, these sneakers and colorful plus size workout leggings

Now let's get into this workout-- click the arrows for the next steps and the video!

Step One:

Placing my resistance band on the ground, I walk in front of it and behind it, increasing my pace until I'm jogging. I keep my knees in a soft squatted position and I make sure to use my arms, this is a full body work out that will quickly elevate my heartrate.

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Workout Jog

Step Two:

Without taking a break, I pick up my resistance band, step on it and begin to do squats. Click Here for How to Do Squats with Bad Knees

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Workout Squat

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Workout Video

Step Three:

I line my resistance band in front of me so that it's facing away from my body. In the beginning I'd do a little bunny hop forward, but now I'm much stronger so I take a giant leap forward. I use the resistance band to measure my minimum distance, of course eventually I want to jump past the edge of the band.


Again, when my knees weren't in a good place, I was very soft and gentle with this move, choosing to bunny hop instead. Now that I'm strong/confident enough to make the big leap I still pay attention and do a soft landing with my knees bent.

CeCe Olisa Olisa Jump Plus Size Work out

After I land, I jog backwards into my starting position, reset and leap forward again!

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Workout Video Jog Backwards

Step Four:

Again, I don't take a break here-- I pick up my band, step on it and this time I go into bicep curls. Hint: If I want to increase the intensity of this move, I don't bring my arms all the way down, instead I uncurl my arms half way down so that my arms are in an "L" shape and then I curl them right back up!

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Workout Video Resistance Bands

I do each move for 30 seconds and I do the entire workout three times. Got it? Okay, now you're ready for the video!