An Easy & Cute Fall Outfit

CeCe Olisa Plus Size Fall Transition Outfits
CeCe Olisa Plus Size Military Jacket
CeCe Olisa Plus Size Denim and Blazer Tassel Earrings

The Fix: Hampton Crossbody Bag

Transitioning my outfits from one season to another is super fun for me. I love adding and removing layers and mixing new items with what's already in my closet. Going from summer to fall can be super fun. Today's outfit is super easy. I took my favorite plus size jeans from amazon and put together an easy and cute fall outfit around them.

Blazers can make me feel very constricted, but this soft military jacket feels more like a comfy sweatshirt even though it looks like a tailored blazer.

I added in pops of color and an unexpected print on my feet with leopard loafers and bright pink tassel earrings.

The jeans and blazer are already on heavy rotation in my wardrobe and it's super easy to swap out different blouses (think stripes, bright button downs and graphic tees!).

Also, this outfit makes me feel like I'm part of The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper" album... so, that's a win, right?